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Summer outdoor living by the lake? Yes please!


Now you’ve probably never heard of Ogopogo. But if you have, chances are you’ll know that it’s a legendary creature – much like the Loch Ness Monster – that lives in Okanagan Lake in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. We don’t know if it has even been spotted from this gorgeous lakeside home, but the homeowners would have the perfect lookout point from their covered patio!

The large back porch has great views over the lake but gets incredibly hot in the summer – so our motorized screens provide shade from the sun (and protection from insects), keeping the porch cooler and even more livable.

Phantom's motorized screens for porches and patios

Summer living

Well known for hot summers, the residents of the Okanagan area enjoy warm weather from early spring until late fall. The folks who live in this lovely house wanted to get shade from the sun and protection from insects, but keep their views to the lake and the gardens.

“Phantom’s motorized retractable screens help to create a space that brings the outdoors inside and the indoors out,” says Levon Symonds, Authorized Distributor of Phantom Screens in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. “A lot of homeowners have the outdoor spaces, but do not use them to their full potential. In this case, we provided a solution that allows the homeowners to really make the best of both worlds and open their home to the outside in a completely new way.”

Screened in outdoor kitchen with Phantom Screens

Great entertaining

The generous square footage of the back porch gives the homeowners separate cooking, dining and sitting areas for both entertaining and relaxing. Our retractable screens let them spend time on their porch even when temperatures outside soar – creating a cool haven that is still part of the outdoors.

Screened in patio with Phantom's motorized screens

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